Technical construction management

Today, industrial buildings are no longer building shells that are built according to the motto "rectangular, practical, good". In addition to the external design, the owner sets high value on the implementation of complex control systems in order to optimize not only production processes, but also energy efficiency, energy controlling or even his energy management systems.

The requirements of photovoltaics, CHPs, heat pumps, energy recovery, building automation or energy management systems acc. DIN ISO 50001 present the construction management with special challenges. Often it is therefore necessary to coordinate and monitor these technical disciplines with particular attention.

Our tasks in the technical construction management

  • Clarification of the task and determination of the requirements
  • Comparison with the relevant regulations
  • Development, updating and control of the schedule
  • Organization of technical trades
  • Interface coordination between the technical trades and the building construction trades
  • Building Automation (MSR). This is based on VOB Part C (DIN 18386) and DIN EN ISO 16484-3, or VDI 3814-1 Building Automation (GA)
  • Coordinating the contributors involved in object monitoring (eg specialist engineers)
  • Documentation of the construction process (eg in a construction diary)
  • Cost control
  • Joint oversize with the executing companies
  • Participation in monitoring the tests of the functionality of the system components and the entire system
  • Participation in official acceptances
  • Claim Management
  • Examination of the invoices
  • Cost and supplementary management
  • Organization of the technical acceptances
  • Handover of the object and Participation in the instruction of Facility Management
  • Monitoring the elimination of defects identified during the acceptance of works
  • Compilation of documents

A few examples of our activities can be found here.

New production halls 2 and 3 of RIVA GmbH Engineering in Backnang

Construction of two production halls of 14,000 square meters each for the production of special facade elements and office wing.

Own energy supply with 2 CHPs.

We were in charge for this project on behalf of the architects Webler & Geissler. Project duration approx. 3 years.

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New construction of production hall 2 of KROLL Energy GmbH in Kirchberg / Murr

Construction of a 6,000 sqm production hall for the production of special sheet metal cladding and office wing.

Own energy supply with heat pumps and energy recovery.

We were in charge for this project on behalf of the architects Webler & Geissler. Project duration approx. 1 year.