Project Management

Planning, management, control and completion of projects in exhibition and event technology.

These projects are characterized by the fact that the completion date (the opening, the premiere) after many years of preparations is fixed and set in stone. The number and interests of the involved stakeholders are often confusing, very different and usually large. To preserve the original intention of architects and scenographers and not sacrifice unfavorable local conditions, the overload with superficial technology or the budget, we see it as an essential task. Timely advice and coordination on the feasible is a proven conflict prevention strategy. A few examples of our activities can be found here.

LED media facade in the BMW Museum

The LED media façade is a special development of the # G-LEC Europe GmbH for the BMW Museum in Munich.
Development, prototyping, production, compilation, organization and monitoring of the assembly and commissioning of all hardware components on site as well as the development and programming of the necessary software and ultimately the budget were our responsibility.

This project is supervised and maintained by us to this day.

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Exhibition at Hamburg House - Expo2010 Shanghai

Hamburg House is the first Passive House in China to be a continuance building of Expo2010.
Our task was the organization of production and compilation of all exhibition components on site in China. In addition, the supervision of assembly and commissioning as well as the budget control for the exhibition construction was our responsibility.

This project was implemented for Holtmann Messe + Event, Kontrapunkt GmbH and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Operations and Risk Management WJT Greater Bonn

The city of Bonn was one of the focal cities of WYD 2005. Around 250,000 people from more than 120 countries were guests.
Our task was the organization, planning and execution of about 630 non-worship events as well as the supply of the visitors in the supporting program of the WJT 2005 in the area of Bonn.
The special feature was that most venues were not designed for major events and had to be temporarily equipped.

This project was accomplished for the WJT gGmbH.

Lithuanian Pavillon – Expo2005 Aichi

Organization and research to prepare the 2DNR exhibition of the Republic of Lithuania at Expo2005 in Aichi, Japan.

This project was accomplished for the Holtmann Messe + Event.

Trilogie – Expo.02 Neuchâtel

At the Artéplage in Neuchátel, the exhibition "Trilogy" was realized in cooperation with the ETH Zurich, the EPFL Lausanne and the University of Music and Art Padowa on an artificial island on the north shore of Lake Neuchâtel.

Our task was the planning, tender, execution and installation of the exhibition building such as the structural infrastructure, likewise the overall coordination of all project participants on site.

This project was accomplished for the Holtmann Messe + Event.

Duty Management Theme Hall 4 – Expo2000 Hannover

Organization and implementation of ongoing operation in the Theme Hall 4 (Mobility, Future of Work, Knowledge) at the Expo2000 in Hanover.

The return of all exhibits of the theme park was one of our tasks also.

This project was accomplished for ARGE Biege GbR.